Sandra Fogg - Colonial Adjustment - Colonial Adjustment
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Sandra Fogg


Human Resources Manager

Company Headquarters, South Portland

207-797-9036, ext. 108

 Sandra joined Colonial in 2000, with a background in accounting, banking and management. She has served in several management and finance-accounting roles at the company, culminating to her appointment to Company Controller in 2018. In addition to managing all the financial accounts for the company, she also manages human resources, including supervising the office support staff.

Sandra is known for her ability to cover all the behind-the-scenes operations at Colonial, and as supervisor of the front-line customer service team, she makes client and vendor communication her top priority. Always hands-on, she most recently helped organize all aspects of Colonial’s move to their new company headquarters in South Portland. As a member of the Leadership Team, she plays a key role in overall operations, and participates in the strategic planning process.

Sandra grew up in Maine, and currently lives in Turner, Maine, enjoying a busy family life with her three children and husband.

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