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Specialty Adjustment Services

Insurance Appraisals

When parties cannot agree on a settlement, Colonial Adjustment, Inc. has the expertise in-house to conduct a Formal Appraisal, and help you settle a disagreement. Our experienced investigators will be prepared to offer documented facts supporting a claim report, and work with all parties involved to reach a reasonable conclusion and closure of the claim.

Our most accomplished adjusters also serve in the role of Umpire to reach agreement between Appraisers in the settlement disputes on your behalf.

  • Formal Appraisal Services
  • Umpire Services

Mediation of Claims and Judicial Settlement Conferences

Colonial Adjustment, Inc. can provide Mediation services to attempt to resolve claims. When a formal process of mediation is ordered by the court, let us be your representative and handle the details of reaching an agreement within your settlement authority. A skilled adjuster will work with you, and the mediator, to reach an agreeable settlement in pursuit of an amicable resolution.

When the court mandates your presence at a Judicial Settlement Conference, trust us as your expert representative to handle the matter before is goes to court.

Expert Testimony

Our most experienced Property and Casualty staff are skilled at providing expert testimony when warranted. Our attention to detail during the claims process is paramount when expert testimony is required, and we can continue to represent you, corroborating claim findings, during the litigation process.