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Celebrating an Anniversary

We just celebrated the one-year anniversary in our new company headquarters, and it leaves me reflecting not only on the evolution of the company over the last year, but what a true landmark in company history this move was.


The new building gives me a great sense of pride. When my father, company founder John T. Kidder III, moved his business into our previous building in 1976 with five employees in Maine, we could hardly foresee the growth to today’s staff to 45 strong providing service throughout the three states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Our new building certainly is more than the bricks and mortar home of Colonial Adjustment. For me, this move further symbolizes the company’s progression into the second generation of the family-owned business, and brings our physical plant and the home-base for our staff to modern standards. We now have a building that is conveniently located, state-of-the-art, accessible and comfortable.

Our staff is committed, experienced and engaged with our clients. They truly care about customer service and quality, and I care about offering them the same considerations. Everyone now has adequate space, a work environment that is comfortable, meets modern business needs, and accommodates our individual and collaborative efforts. Our location off major roadways makes for simpler commutes, and ample parking and roomy walkways accommodate everyone easily. Over the last year we have seen a tremendous boost of morale, and I believe it is due in large part to providing our staff room to grow and flourish.

Over the past year we have had more clients visit us than ever before. We can now showcase our professionalism and brand in person, and offer space to meet and work at our new facility. It has allowed us to host large meetings and retreats, enjoy our summer Employee Recognition Event outside our doors, and we also offer private office space for visiting adjusters and clients when they are here. We have hosted several client events, and utilize digital and virtual technologies to make presentations more effective, and the meetings more inclusive of our staff and clients than ever.

Our building was also purchased as an investment in the company. Our new tenant, Community Partners, allows us to offer quality, affordable business quarters supporting Maine small business, with a long-term outlook to our future.

Like my own evolution to CEO, major changes at a business such as moving the physical location create an affect throughout the company. It is a great feeling to be part of such a positive, progressive team that evolves alongside me. I can’t conclude without mentioning our great clients, who are so loyal and supportive, because of course Colonial would not be where we are today without them. What a tremendous year – and I am only looking forward to many more to come!