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Colonial Adjusters Receive Promotions

We celebrated several key promotions at our Annual Meeting in March, in both our property and casualty departments. Please help us congratulate the following individuals for their advancing expertise as they assume their new levels of adjustment designation:

Ryan Coffin

Ryan joined Colonial in 2013, and has consistently worked to expand his knowledge and grow as an insurance professional, earning his AIC designation in 2016. He is one of our most versatile adjusters, and demonstrates his dedication to the needs of our clients by consistently volunteering to work GLPD and other casualty claims on top of his demanding property claim workload. Ryan seeks out exposure to larger losses, and he has effectively handled a number of major commercial and residential losses.

Ryan was selected as a member of Colonial’s Efficiency Committee, and participated in a field-study in the use of mobile devices to prepare estimates in the field. Additionally, he has sought out leadership roles in training and mentoring new employees at Colonial. Ryan deeply values building relationships, serving as a board member for the Southern Maine Claims Association, and the Maine Junior Agents Association.

Ryan possess a drive and work ethic that serves as a tremendous example to emulate, and we are very pleased to advance his designation to that of Senior Adjuster.

Scott Mitchell

Scott joined Colonial in 2015 from an independent insurance company, and has proven himself as a true workhorse, dedicated to the needs of Colonial and our clients. He has handled a number of larger losses, effectively communicating with the involved parties and recognizing the need for various consultants to help determine the cause of the loss and scope of damage. Scott has handled over 950 losses, across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, during his tenure at Colonial since his hire date, more than any other adjuster in the company during the same timeframe.

Scott distinguishes himself above his peers in both production and performance. During times of increased workload, he embraces the challenge and pushes through. He is always willing to work the arduous hours necessary to meet client demands, and will accept, even request, additional work. Scott is a true asset to Colonial Adjustment, and we are pleased to promote him to the level of Senior Adjuster.

John Lilly

John began working at Colonial in 2015, and has helped increase our market share in Vermont through his hard work and determination. He consistently rises to the needs of our clients, always willing to cover our Emergency Claim hotline, while handling a multitude of large claims. John has handled over 725 losses since his employment with Colonial in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

John has excellent communication skills, which enable him to work through disputes concerning the scope of damages and costs with insureds, contractors and public adjusters. No matter how many claims he has on his plate, he remains unflappable, and is always up to the challenges that adjusting presents. We are very pleased to advance John to the designation of Senior Adjuster.