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Several Adjusters Receive Promotions

We celebrated several key promotions at our Annual Meeting in May, in both our property and casualty areas. Please help us congratulate the following individuals for their advancing expertise as they assume their new levels of adjustment qualification:

Jon Hamm, General Adjuster
Jon started working at Colonial Adjustment in January 2010. For the past several years, he has assumed the role of practicing General Adjuster for vast northeast region of Maine, and he has continually expanded his knowledge and expertise to meet this challenge. Jon has effectively handled numerous large losses in excess of $500,000, and has handled multiple high-profile claims, and some of our largest clients have come to request Jon specifically. He has assisted in training new employees, and frequently visits agents throughout his territory to promote Colonial. Jon’s work ethic, professionalism and initiative reflect his considerable character. Please join us in congratulating Jon as he is promoted to the position of General Adjuster.

Alex Hill, Senior Adjuster
Alex joined Colonial in April 2015 with six years of prior insurance experience at a major insurance company. He covered our Vermont territory where we were just beginning to expand our business, but with his determination, work ethic, and persistent agency visits, Vermont has grown to a territory that requires more than two adjusters now. Alex consistently handles a large loss case load, large value losses, and is known for his meticulous detail on his reports. Alex’s ability to keep up with high claim volume while still meeting client needs has allowed him and Colonial Adjustment to grow its market share in the Vermont region to the impressive numbers we have today. We are pleased to advance Alex’s designation to that of Senior Adjuster.

John Meyer, Senior Adjuster
John joined Colonial in May 2014, and has been a true mainstay in his dedication to the clients of Colonial Adjustment. In his first year with us, John closed over 400 claims with a 117% efficiency ratio, which far surpassed all expectations. John never slows down as he continues to differentiate himself above his peers in both production and performance. John volunteers to work catastrophe losses outside his normal area and during times of increased workload, and truly embraces all challenges. He works arduous hours to meet the needs of client demands, even requesting additional work. John possess a drive and work ethic that serves as a positive example for all to emulate and we are pleased to advance his designation to that of Senior Adjuster.

Rebecca Michaud, Senior Adjuster
Rebecca started working at Colonial Adjustment in October 2015 with over eight year’s of experience with a major insurance company. Her knowledge base allowed her to hit the ground running very fast, and her attention to detail and desire to learn our business thoroughly has made her an outstanding adjuster. Rebecca’s reports are full of detail and impeccably written. She has worked very closely on numerous fire losses with our General Adjusters and has taken this knowledge to handle many fire losses on her own. Rebecca is great with our agents, making frequent visits to those in her territory, and has received many accolades from companies, agents and insureds because of her exceptional communication skills. Rebecca has an amazing work ethic, and she is a tremendous asset to Colonial Adjustment; she justly deserves her advancement to that of Senior Adjuster.

Luke Provost, General Adjuster
Luke began working for Colonial in August 2006, and since that time has handled an inordinate amount of large losses without supervision. During his tenure Luke has been assigned 257 fire losses and hundreds of other major losses, with over 40% of his current losses categorized as major losses. His strong leadership abilities, can-do attitude and thoughtful demeanor make him an excellent mentor to our new adjusters. Luke distinguishes himself above his peers in both production level and performance. Because of his many attributes, clients routinely seek out Luke for claims handling. His superior job performance and work ethic displays great credit upon himself and Colonial Adjustment, and demonstrate that he is well prepared for advancement to General Adjuster.

Brandon Robertson, Senior Adjuster
Brandon started working for Colonial in December 2014 during one of the busiest winters in company history and took off running. Brandon handles a variety of Property and Casualty losses ranging from small to very large losses across New Hampshire and Vermont. His exceptional organizational skills have helped him exceed in his career here, and he regularly helps write large loss estimates for the GA’s because of his Xactimate skill writing abilities. Brandon is consistently requested by clients to handle losses because they trust that things will be handled correctly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Brandon is a true asset to Colonial Adjustment, and we know he will continue to exceed our expectations in his new role as a Senior Adjuster.